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OSSeas Associates and Affiliates

The Associate Principal.

The structure of OSSeas is designed to be something that is collaborative in pooling the talents and abilities of people, but gave good rewards back to those same people in the form of both personal satisfaction and financial security. The OSSeas goal is to find the best people and keep them by making them part of the organisation, and we keep the credit for the expertise and experience where it belongs, with the person who worked for it.

Associate or Affiliate?

The difference between Associate and Affiliate lies in the level of commitment required and the individual benefits available.
Associates and Affiliates essentially do the same job in that they commit to provide their experience, expertise, knowledge and understanding in consulting on behalf of OSSeas.
An Affiliate is an independent consultant who would like to be involved with OSSeas as an Associate at a future date. An Affiliate is given first refusal for an Associateship in their location with all the added benefits of Associateship.
An Associate is fully committed to OSSeas and building their own business within the OSSeas framework. They contribute to and influence the corporate policy and share in the corporate success.

How do I apply to become an Associate or Affiliate?

Send your C. V. to OSSeas stating if you are interested in Associate or Affiliate status.

Once confirmed as a potential associate or affiliate you will be sent our application package which will request things like personal references and include such things as a confidentiality agreement.
After the returned package has been reviewed, if your application is successful and you accept the terms and conditions, then one or more interviews will be arranged. If we both feel comfortable that this will work for all of us then you will be offered an Associateship or Affiliate status as requested.

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